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The Quach & Mustafayev Show

Produced by Ri4CTV Podcast Services, the show is hosted by Nickantony Quach and Alec Mustafayev. It’s initially made available via the channel Ri4CTV on YouTube and Spotify. The show includes several podcast series. The first ones are listed hereby and further explained below.

  • The Last Clueless Teenager (2020)
  • The Making of Ri4CTV (2021)
The Last Clueless Teenager

The Clueless Directory

The online book The Last Clueless Teenager is written by Alec Mustafayev. As soon as one chapter is complete, it’s released at Patreon.com/Ri4CTV. The podcast program by the same name is conducted by Alec and his friend and mentor Nickantony Quach.

“We live in the most powerful country on Earth but there’s nothing special about how we treat each other. We can do better. How? That’s the idea behind our podcast The Last Clueless Teenager.” Nickantony Quach, the creator of Thumoslang, and the last clueless teenager Alec Mustafayev can’t wait to bring you another story about The Thumoslang Experiment which seeks to reveal the outcome of removing these two constraints from an individual’s life: metrics imposition and persistent micromanagement. The financial, technical and intellectual challenges posed by it cannot be smaller than those posed by the ‘American Experiment’.
The Making of Ri4CTV

(Coming soon in 2021)


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